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Mavrosxristoforos.com Survey

Hello and thank you for visiting this page.

I would appreciate it if you have some time to complete my survey about this site.
It should only take about two minutes.
Thank you

Which was the first Joomla! extension you downloaded from Mavrosxristoforos.com?

What would you like to see from Mavrosxristoforos.com in the future? More FREE Joomla! extensions More Professional Joomla! extensions Easier Website & Updates

How satisfied are you from Mavrosxristoforos.com products and services? Very Satisfied Satisfied Okay Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied

How satisfied are you from Mavrosxristoforos.com website layout? Very Satisfied Satisfied Not So Satisfied Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied

If Mavrosxristoforos.com could improve much in something, that would be: Website Layout Website Design Product Quality and Updates Product Simplicity Support and Services Article Text and Simplicity

What is your suggestion for Mavrosxristoforos.com?

How many legs on a typical dog? (e.g: 5)