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Welcome to Mavrosxristoforos.com

Joomla Extensions: Newsletter, Contact forms, Quizzes, Favourite Articles, Testimonials and much more.

Here, you can find Joomla! Extensions, both Free and Commercial, in very good prices!

You can create your own Joomla! website or even order your very own custom Joomla! extension.

If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!

What's New?

Mavrosxristoforos.com is up to something! A new extension is being designed for online restaurants, with a customizable menu and a full online order system, always with the simplicity of the Mavrosxristoforos.com extensions!

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Nearest Places
Nearest Places - Joomla Article Georgaphical Distance Comparison

Nearest Places

Nearest Places is a very smart extension to show nearest places, using Joomla! articles.

Each article is assigned its coordinates, longitude and lattitude, and then this module shows which other articles are near, including distances.

Nearest Places is ideal for tourist sites, presenting lists of hotels, villas, beaches, POI, monuments, metro stations and all the rest! Although, it can work greatly for any kind of distance between objects: Gas Stations, Banks, Stores, Restaurants, even airports, cities, capitals of countries and more!

Send To Friend

 SendToFriend is a free Joomla! Plugin to embed a Recommendation Form in Articles.

 SendToFriend combines highly customizable output with simplicity, which makes it a great choice for any site!


Read morePopFeed is a FREE and REALLY simple plugin that does quite a job!

It provides a feedback / report link in every article (or set where you want if not automatic), that pops out a form.

My ShortList

MyShortlist - Favourite Links Extension for Joomla

Read more

My ShortList is a very smart and quick extension to allow your visitors, a favourite links list, with quick access to them.

My ShortList is ideal for websites featuring a number of products, article series, advertisements, events or newsletters, from which a visitor would like to add to their favourites!

Bad Word Filter

Read moreBad Word Filter (BWF) is a FREE! plugin for Joomla 1.5

It's functionality is pretty simple: Find a word from a user-defined list and replace it with some user-defined HTML.

Especially useful for sites who allow front-end article editing to users. Can be used in a variety of other ways...

Newsletter Subscriber

Newsletter Subscriber

Newsletter Subscriber is a free Joomla! Plugin and Module..!

It is a simple form to subscribe to a newsletter.

When the user clicks the button, it sends an email to the recipient specified.