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Nearest Places
Nearest Places - Joomla Article Georgaphical Distance Comparison

Nearest Places

Nearest Places is a very smart extension to show nearest places, using Joomla! articles.

Each article is assigned its coordinates, longitude and lattitude, and then this module shows which other articles are near, including distances.

Nearest Places is ideal for tourist sites, presenting lists of hotels, villas, beaches, POI, monuments, metro stations and all the rest! Although, it can work greatly for any kind of distance between objects: Gas Stations, Banks, Stores, Restaurants, even airports, cities, capitals of countries and more!

Give your visitors a great experience with ease. Anyone can understand distances and get familiar with your subject, whatever that is. Whether you are promoting your home town, helping people get to the closest store they need or comparing Earth's greatest capitals, Nearest Places is for you!

Nearest Places saves you 'site loading' time, by not using the database to search within articles, but rather using pre-loaded parameters.
Nearest Places is lightweight and extremely easy to use.

30 Day Guarantee

Additional Features:

Category / Section Filter (Only show nearby hotels etc)

Column Separated View (split links into multiple columns, to spread across a horizontal position)

Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x Compatible!

Click here to purchase Nearest Places for 14 euros with free updates, support, and 30-day money back guarantee!

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Live site example using Nearest Places:

Beaches, Hotels and more in Crete, Greece!

Please read the Nearest Places FAQ.

Thank you for visiting.