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Custom Joomla Extension Development

Using this form, you can calculate the cost to build your own custom joomla extension, with Mavrosxristoforos.com
The prices may vary, depending on your needs and the difficulty of your request.
Mavrosxristoforos.com is by no means obligated to create your extension exactly with these prices, before analysing the full request (by email)
Extension Type
Component: Creating a joomla component gives you the ability to have your own menu item type and access urls. You also get the ability to have custom administrator views and back-end functionalities.200.00 EUR
Module: Building your own module gives you the ability to have a custom functionality that appears in certain positions of your website, in any page you want. Module functionality is almost always "positioned" in the sidebars or above/below the main content. Modules can also be included in articles.80.00 EUR
Plugin: Plugins do all types of jobs in Joomla. You can use a plugin to filter the output of an article, or even perform a custom action without the user noticing. Most common are the Content Plugins that filter mostly article content.60.00 EUR
Joomla Version Compatibility
Joomla 1.6, 1.7: Select this if you would like your extension to work on Joomla 1.6, 1.730.00 EUR
Priority Development
Priority: Select if you would like to have your extension built in a priority time schedule.50.00 EUR
Component Features (only for Component extensions)
1 Administrator View: Select if you would like to have only one administrator view in your component.0.00 EUR
2 Administrator Views: With this option, you can have 2 administrator views, like your custom Items manager and Items Categories manager.20.00 EUR
3+ Administrator Views: Select this to have more than 3 administrator views, for more customization and even multiple levels of categories on your items.100.00 EUR
Additional Functionalities
Database Manipulation: Select whether or not you would like your extension to communicate with the database.50.00 EUR
Custom CSS Styles: Select if you would like to style the extension output based on your needs.10.00 EUR
Existing PHP Code: Sometimes, you might have some code examples for a functionality that you would like to use in Joomla. In this case, the extension is cheaper.-40.00 EUR
Help File: Select if you would like to have a full help file/readme for the extension in html format.20.00 EUR
Extension Ownership
Mavrosxristoforos.com Ownership: Select this if you would like the extension to remain property of Mavrosxristoforos.com and thus retain the ability to re-sell it.0.00 EUR
Your Ownership: By selecting this, the extension is totally yours. By buying it out, no one else can buy it again, and you have the full right to change the code, re-distribute and re-sell it.250.00 EUR
Support and Training
Full Training: Select if you would like a full training/navigation over the whole extension, by email.20.00 EUR
Full Support: Select if you would like Mavrosxristoforos.com support for the extension, even after finishing its development.20.00 EUR
Total: 0.00 EUR