Christopher, with his wife Anna

The Developer

Hi there! I am Christopher Mavros, the developer behind I live in Athens, Greece. I was born in 1989 and I work as a software developer since 2007. I speak Greek, English, Spanish and a little German, and I write software in PHP, Javascript, Java and Pascal.

The Website Origins, back in 2008, started as an online developer profile (that explains the site name! - Mavros Christoforos in Greek). At first, many other projects, such as Windows executables, Firefox addons and abstract images were featured in this website.

Back at the time I was working for a press-monitoring and analysis company, as a software-developer in Pascal. We needed to create a website in Joomla! (which was at version 1.5 at the time), so I was assigned to learn the CMS. For that project, we needed a simple sign-up form for a newsletter. At the time, there wasn't such an easy and portable newsletter extension available for Joomla!, so that is how Newsletter Subscriber was born.

Since then, I have developed more than 50 professional Joomla! extensions, and counting!

The Idea

In a few words? Making Joomla! users life easier. Simple design, intuitive interfaces, professional features and lightweight solutions, so that any user, regardless their experience, may create amazing websites, as quickly and easily as possible.

My goal for the future is to make things easier for all web administrators and users, by creating innovative extensions, or even more!

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