How to add ReCaptcha in a Joomla form?

For Users

If you are using one of our Joomla extensions, you have to enable Captcha from the extension Anti-Spam options.

How to enable captcha in our extension options

Below is a table showing where to find this option in each of our extensions:

Extension Name Menu Item Options Module Options Plugin Options
Rapid Contact Ex  
Rapid Contact (free)     

For Rapid Contact Ex, this option is found in the menu item or module options, when you are setting up a form.

For SimpleQuiz, this option is found in the menu item, when you are setting up the page to show all your quizzes, or just one quiz.

For MyShortlist and Rapid Contact, this option is found in the module options.

For PopFeed

If the captcha is not showing, you have to make sure that:

  1. A Captcha plugin is enabled
  2. The Captcha plugin is configured
  3. There is a default captcha plugin selected in the Global Configuration > Site options.

You can find more information from the official Joomla docs.

For Developers

Please read my post on Joomla StackExchange, on how to do this on Joomla 3.5.1 and above. 

More Information

What is a captcha? A captcha is an automated test to tell computers and humans apart, and thus filter malicious programs from posting forms and immitating human behavior. Using a captcha is mandatory nowadays, since there are many such programs that generate spam.