There are 2 main reasons why you are getting this error:

1. Your subscription has expired.

When you purchase an extension from, you get free updates for a full year! After that time, you can still use our extension for free, forever! However, to receive a newer version of the extension, you would have to re-purchase the extension. The system then automatically allows updates to be propagated.

To facilitate this process, you can select to "Buy with Auto Updates Subscription", which automatically renews your subscription after each year, for 10 years.

If you want to check your subscription status, you can Log-in, and go to My Purchases. If you see no orders, or if your order says that you have exceeded a download limit, then your subscription has expired and one full year has passed from the last purchase. If you are sure that this is mistaken, feel free to contact us!

2. You have not completed your User Credentials in the Updater Options!

The most common reason to get this error is that you haven't completed your user credentials.

How to change the Updater Options

Here is a table on where to find these options, depending on the extension you are using:

Extension Name Component Options Module Options
NS Pro  
Rapid Contact Ex  

Moved to component after version 1.10

Nearest Places  
VM Scheduled Discounts   

If the extension you are using has the Updater Options in the Component Options, then after saving the options, you must make sure that you visit at least once any of the back-end views of the component, for the changes to be made effective.

If the extension you are using has the Updater Options in the Module Options, then after saving the options, you must make sure to visit at least one of your front-end pages that contains this module for the changes to be made effective.

What to write in your Updater Options

When you find your Updater Options, you will need to write your username and email. If you don't know which is your username and/or email at, then by default, your Paypal email address is automatically used for both. At the time of purchase, an email is automatically sent to you containing your username and password. If you want to change either of them or your email address, you may do so, by logging-in to your account or using the Forgot-Password page.

How to check if the Updater Options have been propagated

To check if the Updater Options are effective, you can go to your administrator panel, in Extensions > Manage > Update Sites.

Search for the extension name (e.g. MyShortlist). You will see a listing named "MyShortlist Updates", where "MyShortlist" is the Extension Name of the extension you are using. Right below, there is a URL of the form

If you see your user credentials in the URL, then the Update should work. If it doesn't, and you are sure that your subscription is active, feel free to contact us.

If you don't see your user credentials in the URL, please follow the directions above, under the title "How to change your Updater Options".

If you see multiple listings with the same name, please click on the button Rebuild.