Customizing the Subscription Confirmation message

One common question with NS Pro, is how to customize the Subscription Confirmation message. To do that, we simply need to create a new newsletter and set the Sending Schedule to "Subscription Confirmation". The Sending Schedule can be found in the tab Sending Details on the right of the Newsletter edit page.


What happens when we have a multilingual site?

In multilingual sites, we usually need to separate our subscribers based on their language. So, we have to categorize them.

If you want to have two different confirmation messages depending on the language, you have to do the following:

1. Create two different mailing lists (e.g. English and Spanish)

2. Create two different forms (by creating two different menu items or two different modules and set the desired language in each). For example: English Subscribe menu item and Spanish Subscribe menu item. In the English menu item, go to the menu item options and find the option called "Multiple Lists Appearance Options". Set it to "Use Fixed Lists". Right below, there is another option called "Fixed List IDs". Write the English mailing list ID number there.

Do the same for the Spanish menu item.

Now you should have two different subscribe forms that each adds the subscriber to a different list, based on their language, without showing anything in the front-end.

3. Create a new newsletter and in the Sending Details tab on the right select "Subscription Confirmation" and also select the proper mailing list for the newsletter.

NS Pro automatically selects the newsletter to use, based on the mailing lists of the subscriber.

That is how you have different confirmation messages.