For an explanation on what are Custom Blocks in MyShortlist and how to use them, please read Explaining the Custom Blocks functionality of MyShortlist.

What is a Custom Block button?

When you create a Custom Block in MyShortlist, you essentially identify a pattern where MyShortlist should include an Add to Favorites button. How does MyShortlist place that button? Using the System - MyShortlist Button plugin to scan your page after it has been rendered and load the MyShortilst module in locations that a module normally cannot be included, at least automatically.

So, how to configure it?

Since Joomla plugins cannot have multiple instances, so that you configure various options multiple times, depending on the page you want, you have to create a new MyShortlist module, place it at position "None" and select the appropriate menu items, for which you want to configure the Custom Block button. This way, you can control the plugin button options using a dummy module which appears only through the plugin buttons.

What if I have different lists in one page?

Then, you can simply create more than one module and write the Cookie Prefix (which is the List ID in MyShortlist) and the plugin will automatically load the appropriate module and use those options.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!