This is one of the most common problems that you may face when using a form extension in Joomla.

What are the symptoms?

You have set up your form nicely, try it and it refreshes the page but nothing happens. No email, no errors, nothing!

OR: It may have been working normally, but suddenly stopped working!


What's wrong?

Well, at first, it's almost 100% not an update you received. We always try our extensions before releasing an update. So, what's the problem?

The most common case is that your Site Cache is On. Go to Global Configuration > System > Cache Settings and turn System Cache to Off - Caching Disabled.

If you try the form now, it should work!


What if I want to have the Site Cache on?

It's normal that you may want your Site Cache on, so that you speed your page up. However, you must disable the Cache for our extension if you want it to work. In most cases, this happens with modules, so you can go to the Module Manager (Extensions > Modules), find the module and go to its Advanced Options tab. There, you should set Caching to No caching. Then, you can set the System Cache back to the desired value.


What if it still doesn't work?

This is also very common nowadays. A Joomla module is almost always dynamic content that needs to be updated on each page load. Joomla articles on the other hand, are considered static content that does not require an update on each page load. They are rendered once in a while and then loaded from cache memory. So, if you include a dynamic Joomla module into a Joomla article and enable cache, the module will not be update on each page load.

You must either load the module from a usual template position, or disable cache.

The same applies with a lot of page builder extensions, that use Joomla articles and allow you to load dynamic content in it.


Thanks for reading! If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or post your question on our forum!