Two-Letter Codes

An interesting feature of MyShortlist is its compatibility with a large variety of Joomla components. To easily differentiate among all those different components, we have implemented a two-letter code system by assigning a unique two-letter code for each of our compatible components. Here's an exhaustive list of these two letter codes (updated 18/05/2022):

Default (no code): Joomla Articles ad: Ads Manager Ads am: AcyMailing Newsletters ap: AcePolls Polls bd: JBusinessDirectory Companies be: JBusinessDirectory Events
bo: JBusinessDirectory Offers c1: Custom: com_belege c2: Custom: com_aposhop c3: Custom: com_debesorger c4: Custom: com_umsatz c5: Custom: com_gewinnspiel
c6: Custom: com_wafo c7: Custom: c8: Custom: com_debesorgerall ca: Joomla Categories cb: CommunityBuilder Profiles ct: ContentBuilder Articles
d2: DJClassfieds2 (custom version) dc: DOCman Files de: DJEvents Events dj: DJClassifieds Items dl: DPCalendar Locations dp: DPCalendar Events
e2: EventBooking Events (newer version) eb: EventBooking Events ec: EDocman Categories ed: EDocman Documents ee: Easy Social Events eg: Easy Social Groups
ei: EasyDiscuss Posts el: EventList Events ep: Easy Profile Users es: Easy Social Profiles ez: EZRealty Properties fc: FlexiContent Items
ga: JoomGalaxy Items gu: iGuru Courses hd: HDVideoShare Videos hk: HikaShop Items hs: HotSpots Hot Spots ig: Ignite Gallery Galleries
ip: IProperty Properties j2: JDownloads 2 Downloads jb: JobBoard Jobs jc: Joomla Contacts jd: JDownloads Downloads je: JEA Items
jg: JomSocial Groups jh: JoomShopping Products jl: JEvents Locations jn: JEvents Events js: JomSocial Profiles jv: JomSocial Events
jx: JUX Timetable Events k2: K2 Items kc: K2 Categories kf: Kunena Forum Topics ku: K2 Users lf: LoveFactory Profiles
ma: Matukio Events mc: MultiCategories Articles ml: MyMaps Locations mt: MosetsTree Items mx: MyShortlist Custom Blocks nl: NS Pro Subscribers
ns: NS Pro Newsletters op: OSProperty Properties pr: Properties Products rd: RSDirectory Entries re: RealEstateManager Houses rs: RSMediaGallery Items
sb: SP Page Builder Pages so: ShopOffers Offers sp: SobiPro Items vc: EventBooking Categories vi: JoomVideos Videos vm: Virtuemart Products
vp: VipPortfolio Items vr: VRestaurant Restaurants yp: Easy Social Pages z2: ZOO Pages zb: EasyBlog Items zo: ZOO Items


Two-Letter Codes in Item Layouts

The most important use of these two-letter codes is in the item layouts. Below are the default item layouts included in MyShortlist (updated on 13/05/2020).

As you can see, each item layout name starts with a two-letter code. MyShortlist automatically selects the layout to use depending on the component of the saved item. If no specific layout is found, the file default_item.php is used.