Joomla 4 is almost here!

Anticipation is growing, as we expect the release of the latest and most modern Joomla version ever, namely Joomla 4. Shipping with the latest versions of commonly used frameworks, like Bootstrap and jQuery, this version pledges to keep up with framework updates, relieving thousands of websites from compatibility issues and low PageSpeed scores, and web admins from a couple of headaches.

Choose extensions that follow the same path.

With this vision in mind, choosing extensions for Joomla 4 must be made with a new and important criteria: Forward compatibility. How to determine if an extension is forward compatible? Here are some tips:

  1. Dependencies. Is it built using specific libraries or frameworks? Does it mention any specific PHP version or library version? Does it install additional frameworks or libraries, or is it based solely upon Joomla?
  2. Native interface. Joomla's strongest feature is it's structure. Does the extension you choose use the native Joomla structure, or does it try to imitate other CMSes? Does it really need to re-build the whole interface?
  3. Updates. If a project is not maintained, at some point it may become vulnerable or out of date. An active website and frequent updates both contribute to a safe choice.

Rapid Contact is the right choice for a simple contact form in Joomla 4.

Why do we say that? Because Rapid Contact is a native Joomla contact form that works out of the box. All you have to do is install it, set your e-mail address as the recipient, and you're good to go!

See how easy it is to install and configure Rapid Contact in less than 2 minutes in the following video:


What if you need more?

Our state-of-the-art contact form generator, Rapid Contact Ex can cover whatever you need!

Responsive, multi-purpose and fully customizable

Create any form you need for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Easy to use and configure

Install, add fields, show a form in a menu item or a module.

Unlimited forms per site, unlimited websites

Create unlimited menu items or modules of Rapid Contact Ex and select which fields to show! Install Rapid Contact Ex everywhere you want. There are no limits.

Joomla 4 Ready

We are ready for the future of Joomla sites.

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