Let's face it. Some people hate captchas. I used to dislike captchas because I have a slight color blindness and early captchas were hard for me to read.

This article is supposed to give you general ideas and examples on what to write in anti-spam question and answer options, usually included in our extensions.


Here are some good ideas:

  • Q: How many eyes does a typical person have? (eg: 1) A: 2
  • Q: How many legs on a typical dog? (eg: 5) A: 4
  • Q: How many units in a dozen? (eg: 11) A: 12
  • Q: Name of the actor Di Caprio? (eg: Rafaelo) A:Leonardo
  • Q: What is the number after six? (eg: 8) A: 7
  • Q: How many days in a week? (eg: 8) A: 7
  • Q: How many days in July? (eg: 28) A: 31
Here are some BAD ideas:
  • Q: How much is 2+2? A: 4
  • Q: 25+32 = ? A: 57
  • Q: What is the logarithm of 100? A: 2
  • Q: What is the year that Leonardo Da Vinci died? A: 1519
  • Q: Navigate to that link and click to the left image, and the number shown below is the answer = ???
Using the suggested anti-spam question-answer pairs will decrease the chance of your forms being posted by spammers.
Note that no anti-spam method (including captchas) can guarantee that you will receive no spam messages.