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Whether free or commercial, simple or professional, offers many Joomla! extensions for a variety of uses, that can be used in any type of website, to improve your user and visitor experience, promote your services and maintain fast website load speed, without any back-links or annoying restrictions.

NS Pro - A Professional Newsletter System for Joomla! CMS

NS Pro is a professional newsletter native Joomla! extension, including a wide variety of features, while maintaining the ability to be used as anything from a simple sign-up form, to a complete newsletter system including newsletter campaigns, multiple mailing lists, personalized newsletters, automatic bounce handling, etc.

Rapid Contact Ex - A Fully Customizable Contact Form Generator for Joomla! CMS

Rapid Contact Ex is a fully customizable Contact Form generator which allows you to create any form you may require, from very simple contact forms, to complex business contact forms with multiple email recipients, or even file-upload, ticket or hotel reservation forms, without writing one line of code.

SimpleQuiz - A simple but yet powerful way of creating quizzes, surveys and questionnaires for Joomla!

SimpleQuiz is a simple but powerful Questionnaire Generator extension, which allows you to create completely customizable Quizzes, Surveys, Questionnaires with results filtered based on scores or even specific question answers, without writing one line of code.

MyShortlist - Favorite Items Module for Joomla! with Multiple Lists and Wide Compatibility

MyShortlist is a favourite items module for Joomla! which allows your visitors to save articles and other Joomla! components items in quickly accesible lists.
MyShortlist has many usages, one of which is to be used as an add-to-cart functionality for articles, and allow your visitors to send you their lists.

Nearest Places - A simple Joomla! module to show distances between articles

Nearest Places is a very smart extension to show nearest places, using Joomla! articles. NO API, NO KEYS. Each article is assigned its coordinates, longitude and lattitude, and then this module shows which other articles are near, including distances.

VM Scheduled Discounts - Discounts for e-shop prices by schedule for Joomla! & Virtuemart

VM Scheduled Discounts is a great online sales tool which allows you to create discounts for certain Virtuemart products or categories, which are published on a schedule, either within specific dates and times, or repeatedly each week, month or year!

Auto Cards - URL Embedder for Joomla

Auto Cards is an awesome URL embedder Joomla extension that lets you embed pretty much any URL you like, anywhere in your Joomla website!

Newsletter Subscriber - A simple subscription form that sends you new subscriber details.

Newsletter Subscriber is a free Joomla! module and plugin, which offers a simple name & email sign-up form for your newsletter, notifying you by email for any new subscription, and saving subscribers to a text file.

Rapid Contact- A Simple Contact Form solution for Joomla!

Rapid Contact is a free Joomla! module, featuring a simple lightweight and easy to setup contact form solution for your site.

PopFeed - A Simple Feedback Popup Form for your Joomla! articles

PopFeed is a free Joomla! plugin that adds a simple feedback or comment form popup to your Joomla! articles.

Bad Word Filter - A free Joomla! plugin that replaces any "bad" words with your own custom HTML

Bad Word Filter is a free Joomla! plugin that replaces any amount of "bad" words found in your website, with your own custom HTML.

Quick Fields - Joomla Custom Fields in a module

Quick Fields is a free Joomla module that shows custom fields and lets users edit ther profiles on spot!

ChatGPT Assistant - An AI powered chat module for Joomla!

ChatGPT Assistant is a free AI powered chat module, bringing the power of ChatGPT directly into your website.

Simple Meta - A simple module to include meta data in any page.

Simple Meta is a free Joomla! module to include custom meta tags in selected pages of your website.