Auto Cards - URL Embedder for Joomla

Extension Description

Auto Cards is an awesome URL embedder Joomla extension that lets you embed pretty much any URL you like, anywhere in your Joomla website!

It's as simple as this:

  1. Copy a URL from your site or any other site in the world.
  2. Paste it into Auto Cards.
  3. Auto Cards creates a beautiful URL card and shows it in a carousel, a masonry or a grid!

Ever felt that your content is spread out in so many different websites?

Auto Cards takes presenting your content into a whole new level, by enabling you to concentrate and present anything you like in it!

Whether it is your Facebook page or posts, your Instagram account or photos, your Youtube profile or videos, your partner's page or just articles in your own website, you can simply copy the URL and Auto Cards creates an awesome card to present it. Each card automatically loads an image, a title, a description and other information from the copied URL and allows you to even edit the title and description, so that you can make it look exactly like you want it!

Auto Cards enables you to capture your visitors' attention by presenting your content in a modern layout. It's most amazing feature is that all you have to do is copy the URL. The rest is done automatically!

Compatible with any website that allows embedding, it simplifies how you present your content. It's plug and play, no configuration required, with a state-of-the-art ajax interface directly in the Module Edit page and every option that you would want from a professional Joomla extension! Check out the Feature list to see all of its features!

With 30 days of money-back guarantee, why NOT choose it?

Here is a list of all the features that Auto Cards includes:

  • Plug and Play: Works out of the box, without configuration.
  • Ajax Interface to directly edit in Module Edit page
  • Automatic URL loading
  • Caching URLs for faster loading
  • Carousel Layout with many options
  • Masonry Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Fully Responsive
  • Adjustable Image Size
  • Title Lines, Description Lines options to adjust your content
  • Edit Titles and Descriptions
  • Drag-n-drop re-arrange cards
  • Publish / Unpublish Cards
  • Set URL target
  • Multiple Modules per page
  • Text Description before cards
  • Update via Joomla Updater

When you buy Auto Cards, you get:

  • Unlimited Usage / Sites / Domains
  • Unlimited DB Records
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates for 1 year
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you want, you can select to auto-renew your license to receive updates for 5 years, by selecting our Subscription plan!

For more information, please read the Terms of Service.

Please note that I will not support pornographic or gun-related websites.

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1.2.563 - 02/02/2024
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