NS Pro - A Professional Newsletter System for Joomla! CMS

Extension Description

NS Pro is a professional newsletter Joomla! extension, including a wide variety of features, while maintaining the ability to be used as anything from a simple sign-up form, to a complete newsletter system including newsletter campaigns, multiple mailing lists, personalized newsletters, automatic bounce handling, etc.

NS Pro can be installed, configured and used by anyone with a minimum knowledge of Joomla!

That is achieved because:

  • NS Pro has no minimum configuration. It works out of the box.
  • NS Pro offers professional features, while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface.

Moreover, NS Pro includes all the professional features required, for the more experienced users, to spread their online content, automatically maintain clean subscriber lists, schedule newsletters based on a specific date or specific events, like after subscription, and also customize any visible text in any language with minimum effort.

So the question is really: Why not choose NS Pro? It offers what you need, and can be used for any projects you want, at a very low price.{popfeed}What do you think about NS Pro?{/popfeed}

Here is a list of all the features that NS Pro includes:

  • Unlimited Mailing Lists, Subscribers, Newsletters
  • Full featured Mailing List Manager, Subscriber Manager, Newsletter Manager
  • Front-end Newsletter Manager
  • Ajax Subscribe Form, Ajax Unsubscribe Form, with flexible, responsive layout
  • Custom Fields for the Subscribe Form, including hidden fields for IP and other visitor details.
  • Optional Double Opt-In, Opt-Out with customizable confirmation emails
  • Guaranteed No Duplicate Subscribers
  • Subscriber Statistics, Newsletter Opening Statistics
  • Flexible Subscriber Import (text, CSV)
  • Guaranteed Newsletter Sending
  • Newsletter Sending Customizations: Newsletter throttling, Selective Sending, Time Delay
  • Newsletter Scheduling: Automatic Sending based on date-time or events, After Subscription Campaigns
  • Sending Filters (based on Extra Fields)
  • Newsletter Attachments
  • Newsletter Sending Test Tool, which allows to send to unregistered email addresses
  • Article Imports, Module Imports, Personalized Details in Newsletters
  • Randomly Display Newsletter Content (eg: 10% chance to show a coupon image or any content part)
  • Bounced Email Check (with automatic scheduling option)
  • HTML Templates
  • Forward To Friend Feature
  • Simple Anti-Spam Protection

When you buy NS Pro, you get:

  • Unlimited Usage / Sites / Domains
  • Unlimited DB Records
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates for 1 year
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you want, you can select to auto-renew your license for unlimited updates forever, by choosing to "Buy Now with Auto Updates Subscription".

For more information, please read the Terms of Service.

Please note that I will not support pornographic or gun-related websites.

Download Details

Download Type: Commercial
Price: 23.99 EUR
Included Extensions: componentmodule
Latest Version: 2.4.671 - 05/12/2019
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Joomla Versions:
Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.x
Compatible with Joomla 3.9.14