SimpleQuiz - A simple but yet powerful way of creating quizzes, surveys and questionnaires for Joomla!

Extension Description

SimpleQuiz is a simple but powerful Questionnaire Generator extension, which allows you to create completely customizable Quizzes, Surveys, Questionnaires with results filtered based on scores or even specific question answers, without writing one line of code.

SimpleQuiz has five simple question types:

  • Text Fields
  • Checkboxes for multiple answers
  • Radio Buttons for selecting one answer
  • Score Radio Buttons
  • Score Range Sliders

With these five question types, you can create any quiz or survey you may want, from an IQ test, a Personality test, to a user/visitor/client satisfaction survey.
Multiple Choices with more than one answer, True False conditions, Multiple Choices with only one answer, Simple Case Insensitive Text answers, Survey-like Satisfied to Dissatisfied options, IQ-Test image options (like complete the sequence) and much more...

SimpleQuiz has integrated help, which means that help appears as you go, which makes it very easy to create what you need, with minimum effort.

No complex math, no incomprehensible tags. See an example question:
Question: Did you like our food?
[option1/]Yes, a lot.
[option2/]Yes, but you can do better.
[option3/]So so.
[option4/]Not really.

SimpleQuiz stores resutls in the database, produces charts and also sends email notifications with all the results included after each quiz.
It has all the professional features, while remaining simple and intuitive.

So, why NOT buy SimpleQuiz? Our 30-day money-back guarantee will assure you that SimpleQuiz is the right choice.

Here is a list of all the features that SimpleQuiz includes:

  • Back-end Quiz and Question Manager
  • Integrated Help, Intuitive interface
  • HTML enabled question texts, result texts, which also run content plugins, so that you can even include Videos, and anything you want in your questions.
  • Customizable Results, based on user score, specific question answers
  • Email Recipient for each quiz, to receive results
  • Send me a copy feature, for your visitors to get their results.
  • Many options to select which results to show (anything from all results, including details for right and wrong answers, to just a thank you text)
  • Simple Anti-Spam Protection

When you buy SimpleQuiz, you get:

  • Unlimited Usage / Sites / Domains
  • Unlimited DB Records
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates for 1 year
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you want, you can select to auto-renew your license to receive updates for 5 years, by selecting our Subscription plan!

For more information, please read the Terms of Service.

Please note that I will not support pornographic or gun-related websites.

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1.14.1583 - 17/06/2024
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