Bright Ideas, Made already offers free, simplistic Joomla! extensions as well as commercial and more professional ones. Over the years, these extensions have grown into practical solutions for any type of website, because many clients have requested unique features that improved them and also tested them in multiple environments and with many different settings.

So, in, you can already find complete solutions for what you need for your website. Yet, sometimes it is that little functionality that makes the difference.
If you need it, why not ask for it?

Having developed more than 30 Joomla! extensions, fully working on live sites, offers the combination of experience with simplicity, while maintaining a low cost development. From anything as simple as a filter or a form, to something more sophisticated, like an ERP or a complete customizable system, you can be sure that it is possible with

Developing for Joomla! since 2008. In, you get Custom Joomla! Extension Development with:

  • the ability to choose between maintaining full ownership of the extension,
    or a much lower price, if the extension can become a wide solution for other users
  • the ability to implement any custom feature that your website may require
  • simplicity to configure, while offering high quality front-end user experience
  • unlimited usage, domains and support

Feel free to contact me for more details about your project.


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