Free Free Joomla! Extensions

Designed with simplicity in mind, Free Joomla! Extensions offer lightweight, fast and robust solutions for common requirements, like Sign-up or Contact forms, which allow both website administrators and visitors to save time, by offering straight-forward solutions without unnecessary loads. Moreover, extensions have no annoying hidden backlinks, or restrictions. If you feel like it, please show your support by leaving a positive review on the Joomla! Extension Directory.

Simple Meta - A simple module to include meta data in any page.

Simple Meta is a free Joomla! module to include custom meta tags in selected pages of your website.

ChatGPT Assistant - An AI powered chat module for Joomla!

ChatGPT Assistant is a free AI powered chat module, bringing the power of ChatGPT directly into your website.

Newsletter Subscriber - A simple subscription form that sends you new subscriber details.

Newsletter Subscriber is a free Joomla! module and plugin, which offers a simple name & email sign-up form for your newsletter, notifying you by email for any new subscription, and saving subscribers to a text file.

Rapid Contact- A Simple Contact Form solution for Joomla!

Rapid Contact is a free Joomla! module, featuring a simple lightweight and easy to setup contact form solution for your site.

PopFeed - A Simple Feedback Popup Form for your Joomla! articles

PopFeed is a free Joomla! plugin that adds a simple feedback or comment form popup to your Joomla! articles.

Bad Word Filter - A free Joomla! plugin that replaces any "bad" words with your own custom HTML

Bad Word Filter is a free Joomla! plugin that replaces any amount of "bad" words found in your website, with your own custom HTML.

Quick Fields - Joomla Custom Fields in a module

Quick Fields is a free Joomla module that shows custom fields and lets users edit ther profiles on spot!