Frequently Asked Questions for Nearest Places - Geographically Related Articles Module for Joomla!

This article describes how to install and use Nearest Places, or how to solve any common problems that you may face with it.
If you cannot seem to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me.

General Questions

You can have a list of geographically related articles, show up in article pages, based on coordinates that you set in the module options. For more information on common uses, see question "What are common uses of Nearest Places" in section "Extension Usage".

No. Nearest Places is a Joomla! extension and can only be used within the Joomla! CMS.

That is very simple. You just login with your user account and navigate to Connect > My Purchases. Since July 2017, you can also use the Joomla! Updater feature!

Please refer to the Nearest Places download page, on the right.

Payment & License

You get unlimited usage on unlimited domains and websites. You get unlimited support (please read the Terms of Service for more information) and free updates for 1 year. After that, you may continue to use Nearest Places as you did, but to be able to receive updates, you would have to renew your license.

When you download Nearest Places, you get unlimited usage rights. That means you can install Nearest Places on a friend's site, but they won't be able to receive direct support or updates, and you should not share the zip archive you download.

Well, that is because extensions are not developed and maintained by a large company, but rather by Christopher Mavros, the developer and owner of this website. That means no expensive equipment and no large facilities, which results in low-cost development, and thus, low-cost extensions.

Installation & Configuration

To install Nearest Places, you follow the usual steps, as with installing any other Joomla! extension.

Navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager, and under the tab "Upload Package File", you select the zip archive you downloaded from, and click "Upload & Install".

Wait until the package file gets installed and you should see a completion message. You are ready to go.

First, you would have to publish the module, and set it to the desired menu items. You can set it to all menu items, but Nearest Places will only appear in the articles in the Coordinates list.

Then, you would have to write the article coordinates, for the articles that you would like Nearest Places to show up in, in the module options.
The accepted format is:
Article ID=Lattitude,Longitude


What is great about Nearest Places is that you need no API keys and no external libraries. You only need to write the coordinates in the module options.

Extension Usage

No. Nearest Places can be used on unlimited sites and domains, with unlimited DB records. Enjoy ;)

Nearest Places can be used for all types of geographic distance comparison between articles. That can be common tourist attractions, like beaches near a hotel, or metro stations near a hotel, hotels near a metro station, hotels near a museum, hotels near an expedition and all kinds of "nearest" POI.

Nearest Places can also be useful for shops that would like to display which stores near others, or even promote their business by including nearby places.
(A costumer is more likely to visit a store and then go somewhere nearby, rather than go across the city and back home all at once)

Nearest Places is a module. You assign it somewhere in your template, in the template position you prefer. It only shows up when viewing a Joomla! article that has coordinates assigned in the module options by its ID.

Advanced Configuration

Sure. You can do that by writing the amount of columns you would like to have, in the "Link Columns Count" option of the module.

Yes, you can filter the links that show up in each article, by selecting to show articles only from the same category, or by writing specific category IDs, and creating different modules for each area of your site.

Yes, there is a Pre-Text option, in which you can add your own text.

Common Problems

Nearest Places will only show up in article pages, that have coordinates assigned in the module options.

This notification appears only when you switch the option "Display Errors" to "Yes". When you see this notification, you are either not in an article, or the article has no coordinates assigned. If you see this notification while there should have been something to view, make sure the "Articles Coordinates" option value is properly formatted.

This is a usual problem, which only happens if you have not configured your Update Options properly. Since this is a commercial extension, your account username and Paypal email are required for security reasons. If you do not know your account username, please search your inbox for the automatic message sent to your address right after purchasing Nearest Places.