Frequently Asked Questions for PopFeed - A Simple Feedback Popup Form for Joomla!

This article describes how to use, configure or solve common problems, regarding PopFeed.

General Questions

PopFeed offers a simple feedback popup form for your website. It is ideal for small projects, that do not require complex features, like article comment lists. Each time a visitor completes the feedback form, an email containing the information provided, is sent to your preferred email address. There are no limits regarding how to use the extension. You may install it on unlimited domains, and use it completely for free.

No. PopFeed is a Joomla! extension and can only be used within the Joomla! CMS.

Please refer to the PopFeed download page, on the right.

Sure. All texts shown can be found in the language ini files and all layouts are customizable through the template html directory.

Installation & Configuration

To install PopFeed, you follow the usual steps, as with installing any other Joomla! extension.

Navigate to Extensions > Extension Manager, and under the tab "Upload Package File", you select the zip archive you downloaded from, and click "Upload & Install".

Wait until the package file gets installed and you should see a completion message. You are ready to go.

After installation, the first thing you should do, is enable the plugin. Then, you can include PopFeed in any article, by writing {popfeed}Your link text{/popfeed}.
Also, please make sure to write your email address as the Mail Recipient in the plugin options.

Note: For PopFeed to be able to send any email, you must make sure that your Joomla! Mail Settings are correctly configured. For more information, please read the question below. 

Any Joomla! extension that sends emails, requires that the Joomla! Mail Settings are properly configured. Those settings are found in your site's Global Configuration, under the Server tab.

Some servers allow the default settings (PHP Mail) to work just fine. Even though, it is better to use SMTP, according to your host directions for configuring an outgoing email client.

After enabling the PopFeed plugin, you can add the form by writing {popfeed}Your link text{/popfeed} in any article or item that renders content plugins.

Yes. You can set a specific recipient by writing {popfeed_mailrecipient}{/popfeed_mailrecipient}. However, you can also enable the Auto Recipient option, which automatically sends the feedback to the article author.

Common Problems

Please configure your Joomla! Mail Settings. For more information on how to do that, please refer to the "Installation & Configuration" section, at question "How to configure my Joomla! Mail Settings".
Note: If your site is sending emails, but PopFeed is not sending, please check if you set the same email address as the Sender Email Address in both the Joomla! Mail Settings, and the PopFeed Mail From" and "Mail From Email" options. Some servers may not allow different configuration. If it still doesn't work, please contact me.

This is normally produced when the email from address is not correct, or the mail recipient address is not correct. It may also happen if you are have configured your Joomla! Mail Settings to appear to be sent from your "Gmail" account, or similar, while you are using your website address to connect to SMTP. Some servers do not allow that.

Please make sure that your Site Cache is disabled, because Caching may not allow interactive forms included in articles.