Frequently Asked Questions for Quick Fields - Custom Fields presentation and on the spot editing module for Joomla!

This article describes how to use, configure or solve common problems, regarding Quick Fields.

General Questions

Quick Fields enables you to show a selection of Custom Fields for your users to edit on the spot, without going to their profile page. You can show as many custom fields as you wish. To create such custom fields, you have to go to Users > Fields menu in your Joomla administrator.There are no limits regarding how to use the extension. You may install it on unlimited domains, and use it completely for free.

No. Quick Fields is a Joomla! extension and can only be used within the Joomla! CMS.

Please refer to the Quick Fields download page, on the right.

When you download the Quick Fields package, you get a module for Joomla Custom Fields and another one for EasyProfile Fields. So, at the moment, Quick Fields is compatible with Joomla User fields and EasyProfile fields. If you need compatibility with any other extension, feel free to contact me!

Installation & Configuration

To install Quick Fields, you follow the usual steps, as with installing any other Joomla! extension.

Navigate to Extensions > Manage, and under the tab "Upload Package File", you select the zip archive you downloaded from, and click "Upload & Install".

Wait until the package file gets installed and you should see a completion message. You are ready to go.

After installation, the first thing you should do, is enable the module. Inside each module instance, you can select how many of your custom fields to show. That's it!

Quick Fields is a presentation module. This means that you can create your fields in other Joomla extensions and then present them anywhere you wish with Quick Fields. To create Joomla Custom Fields, you navigate to the Users > Fields menu in your Joomla administrator and create such profile fields for your users.

Common Problems

Each Joomla module requires at least three things to show up:

  1. Select a template position
  2. Select which menu items it will show up in
  3. Publish it!

If you have followed these steps and it still doesn't show up, please check question 2.

Most commonly, this is a cache issue. Please go to the module advanced options and turn off caching for this module.

This is a matter of Permissions. Some user groups are not allowed to edit custom fields. You can change that either in the Global Configuration, in the Permissions tab, or for the specific user group you want, at Users > Fields, and then in the Permissions tab of each field.