pdf issue & question about item variables

3 weeks 4 days ago #1 by Leonie
if I press the PDF button it says "Something went wrong with creating the PDF file. Please try again later
javascript log doesn't say much: "{"log":"","result":"error","error":""}"

any idea what it could be?

Also a question about custom variables
I have created an item variable for the component Joomla Articles. Now I'd like to select which articles should use this variables (only a few should use it).
Is there a way to do this?

Thank you

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3 weeks 4 days ago #2 by Christopher Mavros
Hi Leonie and thank you for posting on our forum.

To be able to create PDF with MyShortlist, you need to install the attached version of TCPDF for MyShortlist. (If you have another version of TCPDF installed, please don't install it over and let me know)

At the moment, you can only filter the components for which the item variables appear. How would you need to filter the articles? By their categories for example?

Christopher Mavros
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3 weeks 4 days ago - 3 weeks 3 days ago #3 by Leonie
Hi thanks for the quick reply

I didn't find a special TCPDF version for myshortlist download anywhere, so I downloaded the one on joomla and there appeared a PDF button that did work (although it was on top of the component instead of at the bottom).
Also multiple PDF buttons started appearing.. If I disabled/enabled the option only more appeared.

The feature is not necessary for the website, but I was curious how it works. So I disabled and uninstalled TCPDF.
But now even when PDF is disabled there's a PDF button permanently visible at one of the lists... Is there a way to fix this? I tried to clear the cache but that didn't work edit: a day later it fixed by itself (the PDF option was moved to "yes" and after turning it off again all PDF buttons were gone)

For the articles, even multiple articles in the same category could have different properties.. So filter would ideally by the article's ID. Or maybe an article tag.

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