add an informational message: "this event has been removed, please delete ...

1 week 2 days ago #25 by Christopher Mavros
Hello everyone. I just released an update that includes the discussed option.
You can find it in the Component Options (from Components > MyShortlist, button Options on the top right in the Advanced Tab).

From that new option, you can now select what to do when an item is not found or unpublished or expired. (The unpublished or expired rules only work for com_content for now).
The three available options are:
1. Show Default Warning (which is also the default option). This is how it worked until now.
2. Delete Item From List (permanently delete the not found item from the list forever). This option does not affect your Joomla items, only the item in the MyShortlist list.
3. Show Custom Message. You can write your own custom message. HTML enabled.

Thank you all for your patience with this feature!

Christopher Mavros
Serving the Joomla! community with extensions since 2008.

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1 week 1 day ago #26 by Serge
Good morning, Christopher !
Just now tested your new version - very nice and elegant !
You have satisfied everyone who was discussing this feature :)
So thank you for the one !
Have a nice day !

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5 days 19 hours ago - 5 days 19 hours ago #27 by Hervé
Thank you for adding this important feature. I just tested, it works :-) Is this the case for all extensions?

There is still a small problem in the backoffice in the MyShortList management panel. I have warnings about deleted members and I think there are also records (empty or ()) that should be deleted

Have a nice day !

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