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1 month 20 hours ago #1 by Hervé
I think I understand where the problem comes from. Dpcalendar does not manage in the same way the rentals he manages the events !!
I got to put a button on a page of a place that has a menu link linked to a single location (picture 1) but all other locations do not see the button (image2).
Unless you have found another solution, I think the module is not suitable. The number of locations is constantly increasing and I can not create a link for all locations.

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3 weeks 4 days ago #2 by Hervé
Hello Christopher,

When will you be able to look at this problem ?

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1 week 3 days ago #3 by Christopher Mavros
Hi again Hervé. Please bare with me, as we have received many emails and most emails require a lot of time (or even days of work).
I appreciate your understanding.

There are many ways to add MyShortlist in a page. I will separate them in two large categories:
A: Using the module
B: Using the plugin

Let's start with A: Using the module. You can include the module using the menu item/template position approach. Usually each page in Joomla must be somehow related to a menu item, so you should generally see the module in all sub-pages, but some components don't do that.
Another way to include the module is by using the loadposition or loadmodule plugins inside an article or other similar content.
None of these works for you right now.

So, let's see what you can do with B: Using the plugin. (System - MyShortlist Button)
There are two basic ways you can include the plugin. Either by writing {msl_button} somewhere in the page or by using the Custom Blocks functionality.
From your screenshots, I understand that you want to place the button in a location where a button doesn't normally exist from the component. So, we have to someway "hack" our way and include it there.

Option A: Using {msl_button}
Since the component doesn't provide a way for us to include content where we want our button, we can possibly create a template override of the corresponding layout file and edit that to add our content.
In your case, that would mean copying the file components/com_dpcalendar/views/location/tmpl/default_header.php to templates/your-template/html/com_dpcalendar/location/default_header.php and writing
before the ending </div>.
Make sure you have enabled the System - MyShortlist Button plugin.

Option B: Using Custom Blocks
Another way of doing that, is by using the Custom Blocks. Create a new custom block, and use the following settings:
General Details
Name: DPCalendar Location button (or whatever you like)
Published: Yes
Auto Include Add to Favorites Button: Yes
Use Fixed List (Cookie Prefix): No

Container Selector: .com-dpcalendar-location__actions.dp-button-bar
Title Selector: leave empty
Description Selector: leave empty
Use Current URL as Item Link: Yes
Get Item ID from URL: Yes
Image Selector: leave empty

And that's it! You should have an "Add" button in your DPCalendar page.

P.S.: This post required 43 minutes of research and writing (just to explain why it takes so much time to answer sometimes).
Thank you again for your patience.

Christopher Mavros
Serving the Joomla! community with extensions since 2008.

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1 week 2 days ago - 1 week 2 days ago #4 by Hervé
HI Christopher,

Thank you for this comprehensive answer.
I understand . I think I am rather patient. That's why I think I do not ask you frequently. To give you money, I sent an email, there is more than a week, to make a quote to make an override on a file dpcalendar (this is no longer relevant at the moment but do me sign if you would quote for this type of work).

I have read the documentation ( - ) and I also have not much time to do it. I have been trying since the beginning to do the same thing as for the event. Unfortunately even with your explanations, I can not do it. If I want to put the "Add a place in favorites" button on the line to the right of the last "Directions" button, your tutorial did not work. The setting is different from the other block and
the copy of the HTML block sends me back:
#sp-component > div > >

I know that you would like me to be autonomous, but not speaking English well and doing this operation once a year, it's really difficult for me. thank you for helping me again!


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