Loading My shortlist into Hikashop Product description error

1 week 2 days ago #1 by Huw
Hi I am using modules anywhere to load Myshortlist (fav position) into hikashop product page.
I have modified the hikashop page template like this product/show_default.php

<span>{modulepos fav}</span>

I have MyShortlist setup as Cart.

The module loads perfectly in hikashop, however the Add to List button actually overrides the add to cart function in Hikashop and redirects to the checkout page.
The MyShortlist list stays empty in the module
So instead of creating a favourite list it creates a shopping cart!
Is there any method of preventing this ?

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1 week 8 hours ago #2 by Christopher Mavros
Hello Huw and thank you for posting on our forum!
We haven't seen this issue before. It probably has something to do with how HikaShop activates its buttons, so it may accidentally get MyShortlist's button, too, or something similar.
To be able to help, I would need to see a URL.
Can you send it to me via email at mavrosxristoforos@gmail.com?

Thanks again.

Christopher Mavros
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