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4 years 9 months ago #1 by Zbigniew
NS PRO Database was created by Zbigniew

I received for You e-mail a complete e-mail database for uploading to NSPRO.

Is it possible to read into the database in this xls file or do I have to change a lot? There are over 900 addresses. File attached.

Can I send a message after loading the database into NSPRO so that they can choose one or both? Is there such functionality and how to set it?

Can the administrator receive an e-mail after confirming one or both of the user's check boxes?
I would like it to be given to the user

1 "processing of my personal data in order to receive technical and commercial information (including commercial offers, technical cards, etc.) by means of electronic communication (including via e-mail)"

and / or

2. "processing of my personal data for marketing purposes (including newsletters) by means of electronic communication (including via e-mail)"

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4 years 9 months ago #2 by Christopher Mavros
Replied by Christopher Mavros on topic NS PRO Database
Hi again and thank you for posting.

You can include any amount of emails by using the Toolkit Tool #8: Mass Email Import Tool.
You can choose to include them in any of your mailing lists.
You cannot automatically include any special field to them, unless you import them using the NS Pro Import / Export tool, below the Subscriber list in the Subscriber Manager. You can set it in the Options to import extra fields, and then include them with any extra fields. (There is a button there to show you an Import Example).

After importing them, you can send them a newsletter with your website page and ask them to subscribe, so that they have to choose one of the two fields. It will seem to them as they subscribe for the first time, which is correct.
Then, NS Pro will automatically update their subscription.

The administrator will be notified when they confirm their subscription as normal.
Thanks again.

Christopher Mavros
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