Creating an 'automated' newsletter workflow.

2 years 3 months ago #1 by Chris Paschen
Creating an 'automated' newsletter workflow. was created by Chris Paschen
As background, I'm trying to 'translate' a workflow from AcyMailing into NS Pro.
AcyMailing has the ability to automatically send a newsletter on a regular schedule (i.e. weekly) and pull-in content from an article category (similar to {include:category} smart text).

My understanding is that "{include:category}" will pull in ALL of the currently published articles within that category.
So if we are going to use something like {include:category}1{/include}, where the category with id 1 is the blog category,
If we run that this week (the first time) it will include ALL of the blog entries that are published.
And if we run that same include smart text the following week, it will again include ALL of the blog entries that are published again.

If that is the case, I would suggest one of two slight 'improvements' to the system.

1) {include:tag}
This would allow adding a tag (like "issue10") that could be added to any article and then only those articles that are part of that 'issue' would be included. However, that would still mean the weekly email would need to be manually created each week, with a new include:tag smart text

2) {include:categorynew}
This could then allow it to pull from the same category using similar code; however, it would need to store a date when the newsletter is run (i.e. last_run_date) and then when it is run each time, it could check to see that last_run_date and compare against that when adding the items from that category.

I'd be happy to help with contributing code to make something like this happen if you're interested. Let me know if you have a github repository or other means of contributing (IF you're interested in that).

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2 years 2 months ago #2 by Christopher Mavros
Replied by Christopher Mavros on topic Creating an 'automated' newsletter workflow.
Hi again Chris!

I am completely open to someone contributing on NS Pro, according to their needs, as long as we discuss features to be implemented and agree on them first.

I have implemented the {include:tag}tag-here{/include} smart text, so that you can include article intro texts in your newsletters, based on a tag. This can also be useful to separate them per newsletter, e.g. create a new tag every time you want to create a newsletter, and include it.

Now, as per the {include:categorynew} smart text, that would require some discussion. As explained in this post , when a newsletter is sent, you cannot re-send the same newsletter, unless you clear its sending status.

So, such a tag would either need another newsletter id, or a date based on which the articles would be sent. But again, such an action would not be automated enough, so you can create it and forget about it.
Any suggestions? What do you think can be done, now that you know more or less how it works?

Christopher Mavros
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2 years 2 months ago #3 by Chris Paschen
Replied by Chris Paschen on topic Creating an 'automated' newsletter workflow.
Let me spend a bit more time with NS Pro and have a look at the code and see if I can find an EASY way to do what I'm thinking.
I'll suggest a workflow and possibly some 'pseudo-code' before I actually jump-in and do anything.
And it might be a few days because I'm still trying to shift my head from the way AcyMailing does things to the way that NS Pro does things. So far NS Pro seems to be much more logical and simple to follow, so I want to make sure that 1) I don't miss the possibility that what I personally need is already possible with NS Pro with just some 'creative configuration' and 2) that I don't suggest something that is a)going to make NS Pro too complex/confusing and b)is something that others might find useful.

I'll take a few days to work with NS Pro and come back to this later.

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