[answer_box] not vision in result and email

1 month 4 days ago #1 by roberto
I have created the form Quiz Score, and i insert field text, [answer_box], but in email and in result not result this is info insert.
what? look screen.

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1 month 3 days ago #2 by Christopher Mavros
Hello Roberto and thank you for posting here! I believe you haven't received my emails, because I received two emails from you the last 3 days and sent you 3 emails myself, but it seems you didn't get them.

Here's my response:
Normally, you shouldn't add Text questions in Score Quizzes. If you want to add the City of the user, or other fields, you can add them in the Extra Field settings in the Component Options.
(Please check your site, as I logged in your administrator using the credentials you sent me and added these fields for you)
The only issue with Extra fields, is that they are global: they will show up in all quizzes, if that is ok with you.
If not, I can customize SimpleQuiz for you and allow what you need, without showing the result.

So, the answer is that Text questions are not supposed to be used as User fields. The correct way to go, is to create these fields in the Component Options.
Thanks again!

Christopher Mavros
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