I can't see results anywhere

2 years 6 months ago #1 by sandrine
I can't see results anywhere was created by sandrine

I made a quiz try :
installed a link on my joomla website to access to the quiz
and another link to see the resullt using the "SimpleQuiz » Contest Results"
but the result page is empty, it is written "Contest Results are not available at the moment. Please try again later."

and I don't understand why

In admin Joomla When I go in "Results" it is written "Result: 0/7 (0%) "
But when I export the file .csv there are the right answers in it

Thank you for your help

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2 years 5 months ago #2 by Christopher Mavros
Replied by Christopher Mavros on topic I can't see results anywhere
Hello Sandrine and thank you for posting on our forum!

As far as I understand, you describe two separate issues. One with the front-end Contest Results view, and another issue with the back-end export of results.
First of all, let me explain what a Contest is.

SimpleQuiz can be used to create "Contests". That is different than just "Quizzes" because Contests have a specific time of start and end. When they finish, all participants of the contest appear in the "Contest Results" view. So, the difference between a quiz and a contest is that a quiz is always available to play, while a contest has a publish_start and a publish_end date and time.
So, you shouldn't just view the results of any quiz in this view. If you need this functionality, let us know.

Now, for the back-end. The Results view shows all results for all quizzes.
If you have taken the quiz and it shows 0/7 correct answers, then this means that your answers weren't accepted as correct ones.
There may be a number of reasons why the system may not accept an answer as "correct" while you view it as correct.
To better understand the issue, please upload a screenshot of your question manager, where I can see all 7 questions with their correct answers.

Thanks again.

Christopher Mavros
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