to better manage quizzes in the back-end

6 years 8 months ago #1 by Bruno Masala
to better manage quizzes in the back-end was created by Bruno Masala
Dear Christopher, I have used Simple Quiz for one year and I’m rather satisfied with it.

One thing, however, is to improved: the back-end interface to manage many quizzes.

In the ‘Quiz Manager’ list, it would be not so difficult to :
- add a search input, enabling to select quizzes by words in their ‘Name’, ‘Notes’ or ‘Mail Recipient’;
- add a button to select all published / unpublished quizzes;
- add a column with the number of questions for each quiz, with a link to the ‘Question Manager’ list selecting the quiz’s questions.

Of course, we can go further and imagine ideal improvements:
- in the ‘Question Manager’ list, instead of the simple pop-up menu, an Ajax search input;
- integrating the Quiz in the Categories of Joomla Content would be great.

But, the three suggestions above would be enough to work efficiently.

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